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Audit and KYC Verified!

We are proud to announce that we've completed our KYC and the full audit process! You can click the blue certificate image to view the full-sized certificate.

Please note that our presale is live right now (you can buy in here), but our KYC and audit badges are going to be added tomorrow (Jan 19th, 2022). This is because SolidProof is based in Germany and their offices closed before the presale began. But we will see those verification badges live soon. 😊

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Features & Benefits

About Tiny Pups

Tiny Pups is a proprietary token with an anti-rug mechanism and a strong community creating the world's first "Crypto Playground." A DAPP where everyone from all backgrounds of life can go, have fun, socialize, and win life-changing wealth!

Creating An Ecosystem

We are building a central hub (PuppyPark) where there will be benefits, rewards, and games.

Tiny's Treasures

The ecosystem will include a large section of the park for Tiny's Treasures, a brand new lotto game!

Benefits For Holders

Holders will get rewards for hodling with traditional benefits, but also receive other rewards through PuppyPark.

Fun Surprises

Everyone knows that holding a token isn't normally that much fun. We are aiming to change that forever with Tiny Pups.

Tax In BNB

Dev and marketing wallets don't get paid in tokens, so the chart cannot be negatively affected by the team in any way.

Benefits To The Pool

We believe that the power of a token is in growing the community holdings – so the games are designed to grow the LP!

I have been investing for a few years now, and haven't really found anything that stood out as a strong systematically-sustainable investment (in the same way that investing in a real-world community feels). Tiny Pups changed that for me, I feel good about putting my money into something that is clearly going to grow over time with the help of a driven, asset-backed community.

Brent T

Investor in Seattle

Token Distribution

Tiny Pups Tokenomics

The Tiny Pups tokenomics are designed to yield the best benefits to our tokenholders, but we have also carefully considered what will be needed for our roadmap.

Total Supply


A nice large supply so you can load up your Tiny Pups bags!

Swap Fees

10% Buy/Sell Tax

  • 6% Development & Marketing
  • 2% Liquidity Pool
  • 2%Reflections

Game Rewards / LP Contributions

Rewards and LP

All PuppyPark games and utilities yield various rewards, and always stream a percentage into the liquidity pool!

The best community

We all help one another!

Come join our Telegram community. We are happy to answer any questions, have fun together, come up with new ideas, and work on the project together with you!

Our Plan

Tiny Pups Roadmap

The Tiny Pups tokenomics are designed to yield the best benefits to our tokenholders, but we have also carefully considered what will be needed for our roadmap.


Quarter One

Launch, CMC and CG, Finish Tiny's Treasures Lotto, Launch Two PuppyPark Games, Plan the next Puppypark utilities, Reach $20M MC


Quarter Two

Create NFTs for rewards and NFT store, reach 8 games and utilities in PuppyPark, Facilitate buybacks and burns


Quarter Three

Plan PuppyPark expansion, Design AA production-level game, Push major marketing campaigns, Measure KPIs

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